Grace Wheel

Grace is often described in black and white terms. In the religious tradition I was raised, there was grace and then there was dismissal. With age I have learned that grace is experienced in a spectrum. Expressions of grace are colored by the giver – his/her character, life experience, self-identity, etc.

The black and white dichotomy of grace comes out of a theological need for clean pure lines in the sand, yet while we may see God in these terms, life and humanity are not so easily pigeon holed. These 8 paintings seek to display the essence of grace – the playful, colorful, excitement found in giving and receiving acceptance, forgiveness, and community. Grace may shine with different hues and shades depending on how we Blueview it or understand our actions, but the imprint of the divine hopes to bring a consistency to how one welcomes grace and in turn passes it on. A life of grace is a life shared. Grace – it can be as simple as a smile, a game, flowers, or sharing a swing.

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