I am a dad, artist, teacher, and scholar, who loves a good cup of green tea, Byzantine Greek Manuscripts, and the smell of wood.  I live in South Louisiana with my daughters and dog. I have a PhD in New Testament Greek and wear many hats and have multiple passions. I was once a pastor and in many ways I still am, but I try not to be. On this blog you will find images, stories, paintings, quotes, and at times a humanistic devotional and/or rant.

Most of this stems from a desire to recapture, re-conceptualize, and transform image or words into a narrative iconography – a blurring of the line between the sacred and the common. There is no way to do this without offending some and championing others. It’s hard for me to bump against a group boundary, or cultural construct without questioning its function or existence.  In much of my art work I seek to capture the transformative nature of life through a variety of playful symbols, which push on those boundaries. For example, in my art I use copies of ancient Greek manuscripts of the gospels and paper doll clothes, seeking to illustrate the challenges of transformation, whether painful or playful, and the grace one finds in facing life with authenticity and courage. On a religious plain the paper doll fuction as icons illustrating the coherence and divergence inherent in the struggle between the individual gospel books (the human) and the Gospel of grace flowing through humanity (the divine). What I hope to end with is a story woven in images that may be seen in the art/words or maybe just within my head. Not really sure why I do this, but I am sure it is connected to my thematic hermeneutics, narrative theology, and love of the album Redheaded Stranger.

 “Just when you think it’s all over, It’s only begun …”