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After 9 Years: Journaling

After 9 years (this week), I looked through 7 journals for some perspective. In doing so I wondered if I could boil my journals down to 18 images – pages or moments that encapsulated the journey. A few are personal moments of transformation, several are quotes (from others and the voice in my head), and some are moments that I couldn’t forget if I tried. I have always liked journaling because it solidifies those moments (some good, some bad) by which we define ourselves and how we choose to interact with the world around us. Each of my journals gets a title before I even start writing, like “It ends and begins and ends again.” They don’t have to make sense …  they just have to remind me that life is transformative. 

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Valentine’s Day

Why be a Calvinist, when you can be a hopeful romantic.

Total attention
Unconditional acceptance
Limitless affection
Irresistible grace


There is an element of chance in life, yet it doesn’t overpower the importance of perseverance and dedication. Things change but it is hardly by chance. Chance is that moment of uncertainty after a choice is made. The duration of change (the emotional) is proportional to the amount of time between choice and action. Before I get to far off in the philosophical and leave behind the playful – the fear of chance is the moment between when my daughter choses to change the paper doll’s clothes and the act of putting on new clothes: nakedness. Naked seems to be a good word to describe the point in which we feel all our emotions at once – joy/excitement and fear/uncertainty concerning the future. I have been trying to express this in art … this is what I have so far.IMG_2683 IMG_2680

The Belfry

These are 2 prints I did for the Youth at FUMC New Iberia. One is of the Belfry (bell tower) of the church and the other is of the stain glass window in the belfry printed on old hymnal pages. 


I used to say with pride that I was a Texan, then I realized that I have lived in Louisiana for over half my life. So, now I say I’m from South Louisiana. This might have saddened me 15 years ago, but now I revel in the mysteries and adventures this area brings. Its just backwoods enough to have a great oral folklore, but modern enough to call it folklore.

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Grace Wheel

Grace is often described in black and white terms. In the religious tradition I was raised, there was grace and then there was dismissal. With age I have learned that grace is experienced in a spectrum. Expressions of grace are colored by the giver – his/her character, life experience, self-identity, etc.

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Midnight: G15.5

He took him outside and said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars—if indeed you can count them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.” Read more…

Ancestral Dance

The struggle between ‘who we are’ and ‘who we can be’ is a mysterious dance between what we were taught (up bringing) and what we have learned (personal experience). Read more…

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narrative incarnation

Art has always evidenced a concern for creativity - that is, bringing forth new forces and forms that cause change.

Dennis J. Sporre